Meet Pastor Ricardo

Meet Pastor Ricardo

I grew up in a family where going to school did not matter because to work in the fields or watch cattle you did not need an education. I finished elementary school and started to watch sheep and cows. At 13, I started to smoke marijuana and wasted my teenage years. When I was 20 Years old I got married, and had 2 daughters. A little after that my marriage was destroyed and I began to live a lonely life full of hate and resentment. I lived on the street day and night. I did not shower or cut my hair or beard. I ate from trashcans and was only thinking of suicide as my life was not worth living like that. And one unforgettable night I looked at the sky and told God, “help me and give meaning to my life!!” And he came and changed my sadness into happiness. I started going to church where my life was restored by Jesus and he had a trophy prepared for me.

Meet Pastora Rossy

I grew up in a family where religion was not taught to us we did not get advice from my parents. All the time there was fighting and yelling. We did not see my parents ever hug or kiss, all they did was fight. When I was in junior high all of my friends had bad behavior and didn’t care about school. My parents told me that I would only attend junior high and that they would not pay for me to go to any more school. I graduated junior high with a “D” average. When I would see my friend going to school and me staying at home I was not happy. Without my parent’s permission I got a scholarship to attend high school. I graduated high school with good grades. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could do it. During my summer vacations, my grandmother invited me to Ensenada B.C and I happily said yes for I had cousins my age who lived there and hadn’t seen in many years. I thought to myself, “I’m gonna go out to clubs with my cousins and it will be exciting…!” But to my surprise, once I arrived to Ensenada, I discovered that all of my cousins were Christians and they did not invite me to go to clubs but instead, they invited me to go to church and there I met my Lord. When my parents found out that I had converted they were very angry but through the course of one year both of them had come to the Lord. In that church I met Ricardo and 3 years after meeting him we got married.

More About Us

We began our ministry as the Childrens leader and youth and marriage counselors. And after that we felt a calling towards becoming pastors, we prayed and asked God to confirm this calling and to show us the place where we needed to serve. We did not know that there was a place called “El Durango” but HE did know and HE brought us here. We fell in love with this community and we decided to come and live here. There was no electricity or running water, there were only 12 houses in the whole community. There was no kindergarten and we have built one since we moved here. God put it on someone’s heart to help us build a temple and kindergarten. And we are still here. 8 years have gone by it has not been easy.

Living in the community has helped us to get close to and see the necessities of the families. Knowing the problems helps us to work with the families on what they really need. We are focused on working with the kids because they are the ones who are home during the day and they are exposed to all kinds of abuse: physical, verbal and sexual. Due to the parents working all day they are by themselves from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm. The kids go to school from 8 to 3. And we work with them from 4 pm at “El Faro“. We tutor them in math, science, Spanish, reading, etc. We give them counseling and encourage them to continue their education. We show movies with positive messages that helps them to increase their self-esteem. We teach them bible stories and help them memorize bible verses. We also have a sewing/crocheting class where the kids made hats and scarves. We have had them distribute biblical flyers in a hospital, and with that the children are sharing the word of God. Because of this, El Faro has been a great blessing. Through this community center we have attracted more kids to Christ. Parents have shared with us that their kids have improved their conduct at home and have bettered their grades. The parents are very happy that their kids are joining us at El Faro.

We are also working with married couples. We encourage them to come without kids and share with them simple tips to better their relationships and we have seen them be better parents and improve their marriages. We believe that healthy, happy marriages raise happy and healthy children. We are also helping adults get a better education by tutoring them so they can have better jobs. Some of them don’t know how to read or write. We are happy pastors to know that God has had mercy on us and is using us in His ministry.

Visión we hope that through the different activities for the families they will come to know Christ. We want to see the kids graduate from university with a career and we believe that once these kids grow up we will have leaders in the church who are prepared academically and spiritually. We don’t want to see these children in gangs, or using drugs or alcohol or anything like that. We know that God is good and HE will help us achieve it. We don’t want to see happen to them what happened to us.

Project We want to establish a place where we can serve breakfast to the kids since most of them attend school without having breakfast first. We have chairs and tables also we have a stove all we need is the finances in place to buy the food to prepare the breakfasts. We also want to buy a vehicle we could use to drive the junior high kids to school since its 3 km away from Durango and the road is very dangerous and full of people with bad intentions that can hurt them.